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mortgage credit report

You have taken the first step to getting the best, most accurate mortgage credit report available.

Not all credit scores and credit reports are created equally but no one tells borrowers that. All of the consumer sites or “free” score monitoring companies provide you with your CONSUMER report and scores (did you know that there are more than 30 types of credit reports?).

In the mortgage lending business, we are required to use a RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE credit report and it is usually different in score and info than the free ones.

If you have ever wondered why the credit score from your lender was different than your free score, now you know. I want my clients to know up front what their credit looks like and exactly what score I will be using. You can choose to share it with me so I can do my very best work for you.

So, full disclosure here, you will be pulling your own residential mortgage credit report and it will cost you $20 for each borrower ($40 for each couple) but rest assured that is all you will ever spend, even if we have to work to improve your score or correct items it is all included! As a bonus (and I don’t do it for all my clients) I will refund that cost to you at closing as my way of saying. Thank you for helping me give you the very best mortgage for your situation.

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